I decided to delete all my websites and social network accounts.
Because, I feel, something is wrong in this life!
and that wrong thing is: we are in a loop!

Our education system is wrong. Because there are many truths either they don’t know or they know, but they don’t want we know.

Our health system is wrong, because we no need any medicine, because we can heal and cure all health problem just by natural products, or by some specific sounds. But they don’t want we know, because their business is in drugstores and medicines.

Our laws, our governments, our judgment system, our police, our military, … all are wrong. Everything are created and designed in this way “by purpose”.

When marijuana is forbidden, but cigarettes, alcohols, heavy drugs, guns, prostitution, disco and clubs, are OK. Marijuana is forbidden because it opens your mind, but other things are ok because they keep you fool and kill you slowly.

Our religions are wrong, because they know the truth but hide it from us. They give the truth to hand-picked and very special persons. In fact, religions are a tool for governments and businessmen, to keep society fool and stupid, to rule on them.

Our doctors, our scientists, our professors, our teachers, either they don’t know the truth or they know but they don’t want we know.

Sun is hot? What if you know it’s not hot!
Earth is sphere? What if you know earth is flat!
What if NASA tells us lot of lies?
What if another creatures live under ground? Which are devils.
What if our life and our planet is something like The Truman Show?
What if Darwin’s evolution is wrong, and we are created by some gods and they transferred us to this planet to work for them?!

What if NOW we are living in the PAST?

What if you know that our Third Eye and our Crown chakra are the gates to connect to the main source of the energy of universe? what if you know that governments, businessmen, and The Loop system, they don't what everybody know this, they don't want everybody connect to the main source, and they poisoning us by foods, water, injections (which they call it vaccines!), and they keep us fool by facebook, instagram, twitter, tv, cinema, shows, musics, fifa, olympics, computer games, and so on.

There are lot of gods, but I believe on the great G, which is the main source of the energy.

Well, I decided to delete all my websites and accounts. I don’t want to follow anybody, any band, any groups, any person. I don’t want to listen to any music and to watch any movie. Because I found something more important to listen, to watch, to follow.

I don’t want anybody follow me too, I don’t want to write and post anything anymore. I don’t want anybody comment under my posts, I don’t need anybody’s likes and shares and tweets!

I want to be alone, in silent, and stay away from “The Loop” which created by those whom rule the world.

Maybe, I am the person who will destroy this LOOP. or maybe, I will be like some of those, whom know the truth, but they cannot talk about it, and they have to keep it as a secret. But, at least, I’m not going to fool others.

Reza Shadpay
August 28, 2016

If I owe you something, I will return to you. If I couldn't, then please forgive me.
If I did something bad to you, if I said something bad to you, please forgive me.

I can not do anything to fix the past, the only thing I can do, is asking for your forgiveness.